Quit Smoking Hypnosis (Video DVD)

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Quit Smoking in a Flash!

Neuro-VISION® Superb Video Hypnosis & NLP Program

Author: Alan B. Densky

90-days Money Back Guaranteed!

We assure you, that this program is so effective, that we even agree on a 90-day full money back guarantee! We know that you cannot fail!

Eliminate Cravings-Break The Addiction To Chew or smoke!

Many people have attempted to quit often times without success. In contrast to the belief that the physical addiction is what keeps it so hard to quit, 90% of the addiction is actually mental.
Neuro-VISION ® is so effective it was awarded a U.S. Patent. It offers a variety of proven hypnosis & NLP programs that overcome the mental addiction so clients easily stop smoking or chewing tobacco without willpower, cravings, or putting on weight - Guaranteed!

Start Living a Healthier Life

It's a fact, "A picture brings in a thousand words." We discover more quickly and easily through pictures than just words. Experienced consulting hypnotists ask their clients to visualize what they are describing.
The problem is, some people find it very difficult to visualize. Heavy smokers who have a hard time visualizing report great success with this program, because this video technology actually does the visualizing for them.
Great for heavy smokers who have a poor imagination!
Neuro-VISION is so effective, that the United States Government's Board Of Patents awarded it a patent!
Neuro-VISION ® urges and eliminates cravings and lets heavy smokers quit on the very first session without suffering weight, withdrawal, or nervousness gain.

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Stop Your Nicotine Drug Dependency Forever!

Results Are Guaranteed!

 Even Dr. Francis White, the founder of the recognized SMOKER ANONYMUS Program has added the Neuro-VISION Stop Smoking Programs.
Read his review > (PDF Download)


Although according to the author, these programs and their results are clinically proven and show a success rate of over 90%, the results may differ from person to person, and we can not guarantee your success. As a reseller, we also assume no responsibility for the correctness of the statements of the author of these Hypnosis & NLP programs.
However, he offers a 100 % money back guarantee, if you should belong to the 10 % of people, and are not satisfied with the program you chose. In this case, please contact us under support@thehealinguniverse.com within 30 days after you received your program.
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