Info Video Covid19

• Watch this important Video below!

• If you decide to wear a Disposable Respirator Protection Mask, 

take care that you decide for a mask which offers real protection against viruses. (N95 - N99 Masks) Disposable Surgical Masks are currently the most coveted, due to their low prices. They are not reusable! (See photo below!)

3 layers protection mask

How to find out the Protecting Quality:

Real Surgical Protection Masks content at least 3 layers. The middle one should be made of a non-woven material, which is unable to catch fire! This is the protection layer.

To test it out, 

  • open the package and the masks seal. Cut the borders of one mask with scissors to test. 
  • Break up the 3 layers and start the test with a lighter. The layer that provides true protection will only melt, but will not create a flame.

Note: If your mask does not have such a non-flammable layer, it is not suitable to protect against viruses. 

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