Scalar Energy Healing

 Scalar Energy Healing Devices

developed according to Nikola Tesla:

Tesla BioHealer™ - Charge & Repair Your Body Cellular Health with Tesla Energy

What is Tesla Energy?

Tesla Energy are longitudinal 3-dimensional waves. It is an energy to empower DNA, RNA, and cellular membrane to have the normal cellular activities and functions, and to enhance ATP production in all cells (except Red Blood cells) allowing each cell in the body to be fully charged with life-energy. Verified by Nicola Tesla at the end of the 19th century, Tesla Energy has been researched, studied, and tested for over 100 years as a natural force that produces extremely positive changes in every form of life.  (Source: Tesla BIOHEALING)


The Tesla BioHealer / Important Information 

 1 Unit for Adults | Mild Health Conditions

2 Units | Tesla BioHealer for Adults | Moderate Health Conditions

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