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I Lost Weight!

Your closet swells over. The most beautiful clothes are gathered in it. But you are sitting in old comfortable jogging pants in oversize. Your most beautiful clothes do not fit for a long time.

Is that you?

You want to go out and have fun. A special day! You visit the most beautiful boutiques in your city. You choose the most beautiful clothes according to your taste. In the dressing room, you are disappointed in how you look. Frustrated, you go home and pull on your old comfortable jogging pants.

Is that you?

Of course, you have wonderful costumes, trousers, clothes. But they have not suited you for a long time.
All diets you have tried. After you have lost some pounds, these have come back at a rapid pace because you have aborted the diet. Your hunger was stronger.

If that's you, you're here on the right site. You will find help!

Simply choose, how much weight you want to lose! We have the right program for you!

Can you imagine how beautiful you look without all those superfluous pounds? Do you see yourself returning to the best boutiques of your town, trying and buying new attractive clothes?

Never again will you be frustrated, because of the unattractive style of oversized apparel!

As from now on, you may stop dieting and start losing weight with this Lose Weight Hypnosis CDs.

If your appetite is out of control, your unconscious mind has to be reprogrammed to erase your compulsions, urges, and cravings. Automatically you will eat less, feeling less hungry, and lose weight. That's how these programs work!

You also will gain more motivation to exercise! All you need to look forward to your workout you'll find in session2 in this program.

"Appetite Suppression" is a powerful Hypnosis Session for appetite control, including the Exercise Motivation, all in one pack. It ables you not only to lose weight but also to get the tight body you want since you will feel highly motivated to exercise!

How much weight do you want to lose?

Take your choice according to your goal:

Please be aware of the fact, that the results may vary from person to person.

  • under 15 lbs > Program: "I Lost Weight!" Try this, if your problem is eating from stress, cravings, and urges.
  • 15-20 lbs > Program: "Vaporize Your Appetite"; Choose this, if you are eating from stress, urges, and cravings, and if you can easily visualize and make mental movies.
  • 15-50 lbs > Program: "Lose Weight In A Flash!"; Choose this, if you eat from stress, urges, and cravings. If you have a poor imagination, or just want the strongest appetite suppression available without a prescription.
  • 15-150 lbs > Program: "Reframe Emotional Eating"; may be your best choice, if you always make up lots of excuses to not follow through and do what I need to do to lose.
  • 15-150 lbs > Program: "Slim & Sexy"; may be your best choice, if you need all the help, you can get and want to save money, and if you simply want the very best deal we offer!

Author: Alan B. Densky

Brand: Neuro-VISION

Hypnosis Session Audio CD

Although according to the author, these programs and their results are clinically proven and show a success rate of over 90%, the results may differ from person to person, and we can not guarantee your success. As a reseller, we also assume no responsibility for the correctness of the statements of the author of these Hypnosis & NLP programs.
However, he offers a 100 % money back guarantee, if you should belong to the 10 % of people, and are not satisfied with the program you chose. In this case, please contact us under support@thehealinguniverse.com within 30 days after you received your program.
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