Polyester and Polyamide

About Polyamide, Nylon, Polyester

Polyamide, Polyester, Nylon are synthetic chemical fibers.

The main raw material for the production of these fibers is petroleum.

Polyamide: Hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid serve as starting materials.
Advantages: Tensile strength, elongation, and elasticity are very high. The moisture absorption is very low. Therefore, this material dries very quickly and is used in bathing suits.
Polyamide is used as a main component in surgery.
Polyamide, nylon, and polyester, which is processed in clothing, is not water-soluble and is not separated from the weld and absorbed into the body.

Polyester: Terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol are used as the starting material for the spinning mass. The heavy metal antimony, which is used as a reaction accelerator, is also not very environmentally friendly in polyester production. Antimony residues can also be found on the finished clothing textile or on polyester bedding. Residues can be removed by washing before using

The advantages of polyester: The crease resistance is low due to the relatively high elongation. And also in contrast to cotton and wool, the moisture absorption in polyester is very low. Notice, that 100% polyester fibers have a high electrostatic charge, which can be reduced due to the combination with natural fibers.  However, their tensile strength is very high, which is why they are often used for technical textiles.

Notice: Because of the dyes, used additives and dust from the production, we always recommend to wash the garment before the first use. However, this is also recommended for all natural fibers too.

Nylon is a market name for Polyamide

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