About Cotton



Cotton is a mallow plant

It belongs to the oldest cultivated plants of humankind.
The breathable plant fiber can absorb up to 24 percent of its weight of moisture,
Without feeling damp. Due to its high tensile strength in the wet state, it is particularly suitable for clothing, which is often washed. Cotton is a very durable and easy-care fiber.
Due to its great skin-friendliness, it is particularly suitable for very sensitive skin.
Cotton has low elasticity and wrinkles more than wool.

Cotton can naturally have different colors.
Their natural color ranges from white, green to brown.

History: Cotton has been cultivated for several thousand years in various cultures and processed into textiles.
Already 5000 years ago cultivation took place in India. From there she went to China.
The Arabs brought them to southern Europe between the 8th and 10th centuries. Since the 18th century,
Industrial processing of imported cotton has been developed.

Cotton from controlled organic cultivation is particularly high-quality.
Here, the use of pesticides is dispensed with. With the help of fertilizers such as manure and mulch, natural nutrients are added to the soil.
Pests are fought with harmless agents such as fragrance soaps, the weed the farmer with the hoe.
The harvest is still traditionally hand-picked.
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