Kegel Exercise Weights - Bladder Control & Pelvic Floor Exercises - Premium Silicone Cones for Women

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THE HEALING UNIVERSE Pelvic floor muscle Trainer balls set for women

This is one of the best remedies against bladder weakness! 

- made of medical silicone to bladder control against incontinence after pregnancy or menopause - eligible for young and elderly women;

Incontinence is an encompassing topic especially for women after pregnancy and menopause.

Although approved by many gynecologists and urologists, very few women are aware of the positive effect of this convenient alternative to conventional diaper protection or rubber panties. 

Set of 3 (different sizes and weights)

Manufacturer: The Healing Universe

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Color: pink
Material: Medical skin-friendly silicone with an invisible metal weight inside; FDA approved
Recommendation: recommended by many medical specialists
Effect: fast noticeable effect
Use: vaginal

Packaging: Hygienic packaging + gift box

Set of 3 Kegel Trainer Balls for 3-stage training. Only 15-20 minutes of practice every day show noticeable results in just a few days - even in very serious cases.
Wearing these pelvic floor training balls helps strengthen the abdominal muscles and prevent uncontrolled water leakage.

Exercises: Start with the largest ball, it has the lightest weight. After a few days or 1-2 weeks, you can switch to the medium-sized ball, which is a bit heavier. Experienced users use the smallest ball, which is the heaviest, in the third phase of the training, approximately after 4 weeks. The results vary from person to person.
Many women can do without panty liners or diapers from day one.

Read the leaflet user guide for more information.

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