The Importance of Food Supplements

The Importance of Food Supplements

Why are Food Supplements so important?

Some believe it is not helpful to take food supplements. But we have 10 reasons, why the intake is recommendable:

  1. By the long transport and the storage, important vitamins are lost to many foodstuffs.
  2. The soil in which vegetables grow is exhausted by modern agriculture. It lacks important minerals. Industrially bred vegetables are practically worthless for the human's body health.
  3. The change of the food by boiling and preserving leads to further losses of important vitamins. Therefore, an additional intake of these vitamins and minerals is advisable.
  4. Due to the growing stress, there is usually little time for eating. Fast chewing, horking it down, make it difficult for the body to absorb the important ingredients from the diet. They are excreted undigested.
  5. Many fruits and vegetables are genetically manipulated to look delicious and fresh. In most cases, a lot of important ingredients are lost. That is why they are not as healthy as the food of our ancestors.
  6. The use of drugs has increased strongly. Most drugs consume vitamins and minerals. This leads to an increase in deficiency symptoms.
  7. Due to the increase in environmental pollution, the body needs to detoxify the food and eliminate more pollutants. Vitamin A, C, and E are particularly important for this purpose.
  8. In special life and health conditions, the body needs more vitamins and minerals. In pregnancy, e.g. more folic acid is needed, while in the climacteric often a calcium deficiency prevails.
  9. Genetically, we all tend to have different diseases, which usually result from a deficiency in the vitamin and mineral diet. With the addition of these important vitamins and minerals, genetic diseases can often be reduced.
  10. Genetically, we all tend to have different weaknesses, which generally lead to a stronger consumption of vitamin and mineral substances. With the addition of these important vitamins and minerals, genetic weaknesses can be compensated.
  11. Many dietary supplements have been tested and proven to be helpful in the fight against chronic diseases like arthritis, high cholesterol, and even cancer.

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Nevertheless, you should ask your doctor to find out which dietary supplements are suitable for you.


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