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High Heel Cushions for Women / Heel Cushions for Men

INVISIBLE to wear in all kinds of shoes.

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Our Heel Cushion Inserts Support your Heels and Protect your Heels

• from Injuries due to Rubbing or cutting edges of new shoes.

• Prevent Skin from abrasions and building Blisters and Callus in the Achilles Area of your Heels.

• Relieve Pressure and Heel Pain;

• Avoid and Release Heel Spur Pain and Plantar Fasciitis;

• Prevent oversized shoes from slipping and bolster the Achilles Area as well as the bottom of your heels. INVISIBLE to wear in all kinds of shoes.

Brand: The Healing Universe ® 

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Gender: unisex

Quantity: 3 Pairs in 1 bag,

colors: beige, black, transparent

Material: High-quality eco-friendly silicon gel, coated with skin-friendly tissue,


AddChi - The Healing Universe - Heel Protector Cushions made of best quality high flexible Soft Silicon Gel, coated with skin-caressing tissue for a 100 % wearing comfort in all kinds of shoes. 100 % CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We know our products are the BEST QUALITY and our customer's satisfaction is our highest priority. Our products are backed by our manufacturer 100 % money-back-guarantee for 30 days after receiving.

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